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Our Approach

We support healthcare plans and providers with a suite of interoperable tech solutions and tailored advisory services so you can...


We use advanced data science to help you get actionable information and insights with a secure, flexible, and modular deployment model.

  • Identify and prioritize the most relevant variables in your population
  • Create transparency and visibility into analytics, interventions, and profitability


Reach peak performance for tomorrow’s market.

  • Target the right interventions at the right venue
  • Increase the financial impact of interventions and campaigns


Our consultative DNA means we bring more than software and technology to our customers.

  • Get advisory support on product design and operational strategy
  • Integrate with existing workflows to increase efficiency


Our award-winning suite of technology solutions helps you harness the power of data science and develop actionable insights.


Utilizes clinical and claims administrative data to identify and prioritize gaps in quality and risk score documentation.


Defines trends in risk adjustment performance, evaluates program effectiveness, and assesses financial implications.


Targets points of failure in the collection of information and submission of quality and risk adjusted conditions with a focus on prospective and point-of-care interventions.


Allows stakeholders to stratify risk-adjusted membership based on post risk adjusted profitability to support data-driven marketing, product designs, and tailored care and network management solutions.

We were made for this.

Pareto Intelligence was launched by HealthScape Advisors, a management consulting firm with decades of experience in the business of healthcare.

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